Becoming Adult Research Brief Series 

Humphris, R. and Sigona, N. (2016) ‘Mapping unaccompanied asylum seeking children in England’, Research Brief, no. 1

Sigona, N. and Humphris, R. (2016) Child mobility in the EU’s refugee crisis: What are the data gaps and why do they matter?, Research Brief, no. 2

Meloni, F., Chase, E., Haile, S. eds. (2017) “Walking a Tightrope Unaccompanied migrant young people, transitions and futures”, London: UCL. (Photographic Book)

Working papers

Bozzini, Escaping Eritrea Entering Sidet

Abbasi and Monsutti, “To Everyone Homeland is Kashmir”: Cultural Conceptions of Migration, Wellbeing, Adulthood and Future among Young Afghans in Europe 

Barber and Nguyen, Cultural media in Vietnam

Information sheets for participants

Information sheet ENGLISH

Information sheet ALBANIAN

Information sheet VIETNAMESE

Information sheet FARSI

Information Sheet for Participants TIGRIGNA

Leaflet Becoming Adult

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