The project

Becoming Adult: conceptions of futures and wellbeing among migrant young people in the UK is a three-year ESRC-funded project (October 2014–September 2017). The study will enhance understanding about:

  • The lived experiences of young men and women who migrated alone to the UK as children as they make the transition to ‘adulthood’
  • How young people in this situation understand and seek to realise their futures and maintain a sense of wellbeing
  • The extent to which there is a fit between young people’s conceptualisations of their futures and the immigration and social care policies governing their lives

The study involves young people from Albania, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Vietnam

The research consists of three closely linked work packages:

Young people’s conceptions of futures and wellbeing
In-depth longitudinal work; biographical narrative interviews; social network mapping; monitoring wellbeing outcomes

Cultural conceptions of futures and wellbeing
Analysis of different cultural media (including poetry, music, soap operas, fictional literature, social media and oral histories) and how (if at all) they influence young people’s decisions and actions

Policy conceptions of futures and wellbeing
Analysis of policies; interviews with international, national and local stakeholders; documentary analysis of ‘pathway plans’; generating a national profile of outcomes for former independent migrant children transitioning to ‘adulthood’

2 thoughts on “The project

  1. Hello! This project looks super interesting and I was wondering if i could share some of my findings. In 2013, I did a small scale qualitiative study about refugees and unaccompanied minors and their transition into adulhtood in the UK and in Spain. Through a participative approach I wanted to explore their feelings and thoughts during that phase in their lives. I am now reading more up to date research and willing to advocate for a system that contemplates transition and agency.
    I am happy to share my study if it seems relevant.

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    1. Hi, thanks for your message! We’re now in the process of analysing the findings of the study and writing up the results. We have published a report about local authorities in the UK
      and one about unaccompanied minors in EU
      More publications will come up in the next months/year. We’d be very happy to read your research, you can send it to my email:
      Many thanks! Francesca


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