Britain is to take 3,000 refugee children by 2020 … Generous? Think again

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Nando Sigona, University of Birmingham

The UK government has offered to take 3,000 extra lone refugee children in its existing resettlement scheme for Syrian refugees. But the offer has two caveats: it is only for refugee minors currently living outside the European Union and it is spread over five years, meaning there will be an average of 600 per year.

The government’s press release called it “The largest resettlement programme for refugee children.” But others, including the Labour peer Alf Dubs have called it “a deliberate ploy to muddy the debate”.

The government’s announcement came ahead of a vote in the House of Commons on an amendment to the Immigration Bill proposed by Dubs to let 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children who have reached the EU come to Britain. The amendment has cross-party support and may be successful in overturning the Conservatives’ slim majority of 12 in the…

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