Displacement through Digital Art, by Ergest Zejnelaj


Read the first blog post of the Wellwishers blog, created by some young researchers of the Becoming Adult Project

Displacement through Digital Art, by Ergest Zejnelaj

The Wellwishers blog is formed by a group of young and inspired  individuals who have interest or experiences of migration. Frustrated with the common one sided narratives of migration and migrants, we have decided that it was time to dismantle the narratives and create a space which enables us to normalise migratory experiences in a way that humanises migrant communities. We want to challenge the often sensationalised discourses around migration which often leads to an essentialised characterisation of migrant communities. Therefore our purpose is also to highlight the role of migrant communities as active agents of change demonstrated through various contributions ranging from arts, literature, enterprise, or human capital.

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