Mapping UASC in England – new publication

The aim of this Research Brief is to report on data collected via Freedom of Information (FOI) requests submitted to all local authorities in England concerning unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC). The request asked for local authority statistics from the previous three years (March 2012 to March 2015).

Key findings

  • Increasingly children are accommodated outside the local authority with statutory responsibility to support them
  • Receiving local authorities are rarely informed of these transfers and keep no record of unaccompanied minors placed from other LAs
  • Figures of missing children from Local Authorities do not match the one provided by the Home Office.
  • Definitions of ‘missing’ children vary considerably across England casting doubt on the comparability of data across local authorities
  • Data on care leavers are extremely patchy and inconsistent across Local Authorities. As a result, little is known about what happens to young people after they reach 18 years old.

Download ‘Mapping unaccompanied asylum seeking children in England‘, Becoming Adult Research Brief, no.1/2016

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