Research team

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Dr Elaine Chase (Principal Investigator), UCL, Institute of Education

Dr Nando Sigona (Co-Investigator), University of Birmingham, Institute for Research into Superdiversity

Professor Dawn Chatty, University of Oxford, Refugee Studies Centre

Dr Francesca Meloni, Research Officer, UCL, Institute of Education

Dr Rachel Humphris, Lecturer, University of Birmingham, Department of Social Policy

Jenny Allsopp, DPhil candidate, University of Oxford, Department of Social Policy

Young researchers

Maranata Geday, Semhar Haile, Shafiq Hussaini, Daniel Muhr, Habib Rezaie, Winta Tewodros, Gullivan Zada, Mohammad Zameree


The team is supported by an advisory group made up of national and international experts in the field including young people who have direct experience of the issues

One thought on “Research team

  1. Dear Sir/madam,
    I’ve just watch ‘Calais Children’ and I want to express my appreciation for ALL your work and dedication to give voice to these portion of lost souls in the Camps of institutional violences. I am a researcher myself I wish I would have had a contribution to you work. May God bless in whatever forms, Best Regards


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