Immigrants, Emigrantet: A poem

Immigrants – Poem by Ndue Perlala

Original version in Albanian here
(Translation by Migena Lala)

As swallows break the sky
Cross seas and mountain ranges
Migrants, migratory birds
For a better life without trouble

As swallows leave their nest
in another country having a new life
When you come, spring blossom
When fleeing, even mountains cry.

Mothers looking through windows
Waiting for you to return
Fathers are heavy smokers
Somehow to soothe poison.

Immigrants come and go
With ferries and  aircrafts
Roads of the world spent youth
What their eyes can see, their hands can make.

They wish to see
Relatives  and siblings
Do not hurt immigrants
There is no greater sin that this.

And their hearts
Simmering inside like volcano
If exploded, cannot be stopped
They have enormous strength.

Immigrants the  pride
of a nation everywhere they are
When they return, the house is happy
When they leave, remains a night without moon.


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