Becoming Adult conference: Podcast now available!

For the ones who could not attend our international conference  “Constructing viable futures: Unaccompanied migrant young people transitioning to adulthood”, here are the podcasts and the power point presentations. Enjoy!


Listen to the podcast

“Welcome and Introduction” Elaine Chase and Nando Sigona

Keynote “Unaccompanied Child Refugees: Britain’s Response” Lord Alf Dubs

Undocumented Young People: Perspectives from Europe
Lilana Keith, PICUM

Young People in the Asylum System: Legal and practical issues
Kathryn Cronin, Garden Court Chambers


Listen to the podcast

Subjective Wellbeing, Becoming Adult and Viable Futures
Elaine Chase, Nando Sigona, Francesca Meloni, Rachel Humphris

Music, the Arts and Widening Participation in Research
Semhar Haile, Habib Rezaie, Yusif Tahiru, Gul Zada, Winta Teddy

SESSION 3: TRANSITION TO ADULTHOOD: International Perspectives

Listen to the podcast

Lives Still in Limbo: Undocumented and Navigating Uncertain Futures
Roberto G. Gonzales, Harvard University

Coming of Age in Exile: Health, Education and Employment Outcomes for Young Refugees in the Nordic Countries
Signe Smith Jervelund, University of Copenhagen

Learning as Agency: Strategies of Survival and Becoming Among Somali Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Youth in Turkey
Eda Elif Tibet, University of Bern

Longitudinal Study on the Psychosocial Wellbeing of Unaccompanied Young People in Belgium
Ilse Derlyun, University of Ghent


Listen to the podcast

Fragmented Journeys towards Europe for Afghan Young People
Moa Nyamwathi Lønning, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Precarious Lives of Young Afghan Returnees from Europe 
Nassim Majidi, Sciences Po/ Wits University

Mind the Empathy Gap: Transitions for Young People from Albania
Lulijeta Nuzi and Esme Madill, Shpresa

Young People’s Transitions through Italy
Jennifer Allsopp, University of Oxford

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